28 March 2011

Co-ops involvement in the Census

I filled in our household census on Sunday; despite Lockheed Martin (a US defence company) involvement.  I nearly put co-operative as my religion, but thought that might be taking things a bit too far...

Why do I mention this? because it's a great example of how you can find co-operatives business involvement in everyday life (most of the time you don't know it).

One of Co-operatives UK's members; recycled paper suppliers PaperBack had secured their largest order in their twenty eight year history.  The workers co-op based in East London won a 700 tonne contract to supply paper for the National Census leaflet which went to every UK household this month.

For those interested in such things, the paper, Maple Gloss, is made entirely from post consumer waste, primarily recycled office paper, and took more than six weeks to deliver!

I've failed to visit PaperBack on any of my visits to London as they are always so busy (business comes first).  They are a pioneering coop set up in 1983 to help the recycling ‘loop’ by promoting greater use of recycled paper. They remain the only UK paper merchant specialising exclusively in recycled papers.

So well done Paperback and if there contiunes to be a census in 2021 lets hope you contiune to provide the recycled paper!