28 May 2012

Worker Co-operative Council Election Results 2012

Thank you to all those members who voted in the worker co-operative council elections for 2012. We can now publish the results:

Bob Cannell 267 First
Alison Banton 189 Second
Sion Whellens 180 Third
Lyn Hope 176
Chris Tomlinson 161
Steve Dixon 1

Turnout for the elections was 25% of the eligible members.  

Congratulation to Bob, Alison and Sion; 

For those that don't know, the worker co-operative council is an official committee of Co-operatives UK. It acts as a sounding board for issues affecting worker co-operatives and in turn nominates two places to the main Co-operatives UK Board of Directors. The Council isn't just a talking shop and either influences or directly take action on behalf of worker co-operatives.  Here is a link to their most recent strategy plan.

Currently the Council is made up of  7 representatives elected from the worker co-op membership and 2 co-optee's. A co-operative development adviser and a young person who is also a trustee of the Woodcraft Folk.