26 September 2012

The worker co-operative economy needs you!

I have not done a blog for far too long so apologies! The worker co-operative council of Co-operatives UK recently met and wanted to share with members some of their work and actions to grow the worker co-operative sector. They would like your input and more importantly action to help.

In case you don't know the Council meets four times a year and is made up of seven elected members from worker co-ops, and two other (currently and co-operative development adviser and a member of the woodcraft folk).

As well as practical things like attending events/networking, advocating for worker co-ops, helping update the Worker Co-operative Code, they also act as a sounding board for and set priorities in relation to worker co-operatives. Two of the Council members then represent worker co-operatives on our main Board of Director of Co-operatives UK.

At our last meeting members decided  to publish the below working document that sets out priorities and actions for the future to help grow the worker co-operative economy. They would like to invite you to a help suggest and achieve these actions.

The google doc version is here.

Finally here is a blatant plug for Co-operatives United a international festival of co-operatives taking place in Manchester on the 31 Oct to the 2 Nov. A great opportunity to mix with other worker co-operatives from the UK and around the world. Parts are free and parts are paid for so please do come if you can.