09 December 2008

Future Co-operatives 2009

Future Co-operatives event will be held between Friday 30th January to Sunday 1st February, in Swindon. The event will be looking at Co-operative identity, designed to inspire and invigorate those with a co-operative passion.

This event is funded by the Co-operative Fund and delegate fees have been subsidised for Small and Mediums Co-operatives so they are will be affordable . To book your place email info@co-operativefutures.coop or call 0845 456 2506.

The Employee Co-operative Council will have their quarterly meeting on the Friday morning and a Worker Co-operative Open Forum will take place in the afternoon as one of the first activities of the event. This will be a great opportunity to network with other co-operatives, share business contacts and discuss priorities worker co-operative priorities for Co-operativesUK.

The event will have 3 debates and a session on the Co-operative Fund.

Debate 1: The Co-operative Movement: Private or Third Sector?
Debate 2: A Co-operatives Act vs. A Co-operatives Standard?
Debate 3: A Co-operative Quality Marque?

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