16 February 2009

The answer is a Co-operative

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind the answer is a Co-operative.

The Co-operative Group is starting a major advertising campaign, with the aim of explaining what makes The Co-operative different from other high street brands. They look to be clearly focusing on the co-operative angle, values and what this enables them to achieve. Supporting communities, climate change and fair trade in particular.

For the first time ever, the entire national ITV1 break in Coronation Street at 7.40pm this evening to showcase the 2½ minute commercial which is sound-tracked by Bob Dylan’s iconic ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’. The advert looks good, and I hope the rest of the campaign is equally compelling.

This is a perfect time to be promoting your worker co-operative and being proud to put your co-operative status on your website and publications. People are looking at a better way of doing business than the PLC and shareholder model, something that is more than profit and can be trusted.

If you are a co-operative; promote this. If you are a member use our "Members of Co-operatives UK" Logo. This will help validate your status as a co-operative and promote us and the movement as a whole.

If you have had recent achievement like:
  • Running for 10/20/30 years
  • Increased turnover, members or profit
  • Recent social impacts or other interesting stories.
Please tell us; we would like to promote your co-operative and take advantage of the renewed interest in the co-operative model.


Anonymous said...

excellent blog - good writing style cheers,
Phil. Ethically political co-operator.

Anonymous said...

It's true there has never been a better time to promote one's co-operative status.

Co-operation aims to promote the collective good over individual greed or even need.

How much better would the world be if more people (and even bankers) had shared that vision?