01 July 2009

Worker Co-operative Forum

The Worker Co-operative Forum took place last Friday as part of Co-operatives 2009 Conference and was attended by 33 delegates. This is the first time I have organised a worker co-operative specific strand and I hope to build on this and our presence at Co-operatives 2010 next year.

We had workshops on: Marketing co-operatives, running effective meetings, HR issues, and implementing The Code of Governance. For the presentations and other materials, please visit our events page.

We also had 3 opens sessions on: Perceptions of Co-operatives UK , Business networking using the web, and social auditing and performance measuring.

If you attended and their is an online form to feedback on the day.

Other interesting bits at Co-operatives 2009.
We had worker co-operative representation throughout the weekend, of particular interest I attended workshops on: Employee participation, Where future co-operatives will come from, How much is your manage worth?

I should also not forget that The employee co-operative council has had its name change approved and will now be known as the worker co-operative council.

We will be uploading videos of some of the workshops when there ready in the next week or so. Please check here for articles already online.

Do you want worker co-operatives to be more visible at Co-operatives 2010, please post your comments or email me your thoughts about what we can do next year.

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