20 June 2012

New guide for setting up grass routes worker co-operative

It's been years in the making, Radical Routes a UK-wide network of radical housing and workers' co-operatives has updated their guide to starting and developing workers' co-operatives. 

I heavily promoted the last version, but in recent years, as with all guides it became out dated. The Seeds for Change collective with help from all over the movement (I know our own legal team helped with draft versions) has updated and expanded the guide, which is now three times bigger. It includes information on new kinds of co-operatives and legal structures and more information about finance, flat management structures and co-operative working methods.

Kayleigh Robertson, of the editorial collective, said “In the current economic climate more and more people are creating their own opportunities by setting up workers' co-ops. We really want to facilitate this and inspire a new generation of co-operators to create work without bosses.”
As more people are faced with the economic hardship and the inequity of modern corporate businesses, more are choosing to set-up or become part of co-operatively owned and controlled businesses.

At Co-operatives UK we are getting more enquires all the time about starting new  co-operative businesses and I'm sure our soon to be released state of the co-operative economy report will agree that our movement is thriving. 
The books are available to download free here and print versions are £4.50, with a special launch price of £3.50 at Futures North.

If you are thinking of setting up or want to find out about all types of co-operative businesses check out Co-opertives UK's website: www.uk.coop/start

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