22 December 2008

Zed Books wins the Pandora Award for 2008

Zed Books are proud to announce that they are the recipient of 2008’s Women in Publishing Pandora Award!

The Pandora Award has been presented since 1981 to an individual or organization for promoting positive images of women in publishing, book selling and related trades. Since 1982 onwards the prize, appropriately enough, has been a writing box which is passed on from one winner to the next.

Zed Books is a cooperatively owned and democratically managed publisher on issues of international politics.

"We are positive about our unusual management structure and the way it frees us to publish books that we believe to be politically important to a market that other publishers might not necessarily have the confidence to approach."

For over 30 years Zed has published books calling attention to the problems faced by women around the world marginalized by mainstream politics, and celebrating the resourcefulness with which women have organized themselves to achieve change.

"We are proud of our ability to find the market for these books, and our commitment to publishing books that are open-minded, politically progressive and dedicated to furthering the cause of feminist scholarship."

Winners in past years have been women who have made important literature and studies more widely available, taken leading roles in publishing in countries where that is difficult for women, or set up apprenticeships for women wanting to get into publishing. They have put their issues onto the mainstream agenda and the publishing industry has benefited from re-assessing its output and reflecting the lives and perspectives of today’s society.

For further information, on Zed Books please contact Ruvani de Silva on 020 7837 8466 or email ruvani.de_silva@zedbooks.net

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