21 June 2010

Worker Co-operative Council Election Results

Just to show life goes on regardless of Co-operatives Fortnight, we can now declare the Worker Co-operative Election Results!  I would like to Congratulate Bob Cannell and Sion Whellen's for being re-elected to the Council and Alison Banton for joining the Council for the first time.As usual the election was contested and the voting quite close.

WHELLENS, Sion         293         ELECTED
CANNELL, Bob            262         ELECTED
BANTON, Alison Joan   219         ELECTED
BRATCHER, Linda        203                   

I would also like to thank Kate Ormrod (Ecogenie) who stood down this year to concentrate on her worker co-operative; for her time on the Council and also the main Board of Co-operatives UK.  You have given a lot (particularly for braving the Co-operative Performance Committee on behalf of Worker Co-operatives) and will be missed.

The last meeting of the present Council will with at Co-operatives 2010.  If you want to know more about the worker co-operative council or get move involved in Co-operatives UK please contact me.

If you want to no more information on the successful candidates click here.

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