18 November 2008

How do you pay yours?

Over on our facebook group there is a discussion about pay at worker co-operatives. I am interested in the different models used and what the benefits are, How do you pay yours?

Here are some I have come across:
1. Complete equal pay (with profit distribution or not).
2. Equal pay, with pay increments at various points (older members will always get paid more).
3. Equal pay with profit distributed by various factors (may incl non-members or not)
• Length of service
• Fee earned hours
• Amount of share investment
4. pay increased based on responsibilities taken on or qualifications received.
5. I have heard some co-operatives used to operate on a needs basis where pay was distributed dependent on the members needs (had more children etc)
6. Of course more traditional types of pay.

Join the discussion or send me an email as I would like to know your views.

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