06 November 2008

Worker Co-operative Training in Bristol

I've had a busy week in Bristol, visiting worker co-operatives and attending training organised in partnership with the Co-operative College and Avon CDA.

There were 15 worker co-operative members present some of whom have only been part of a worker co-operative for a few weeks. The training concentrated on defining co-operatives and discussing their values & principles; giving international and historical context to modern worker co-operatives.

It was also a great opportunity for members to discuss each others businesses and share their approaches to issues from a worker co-operative perspective. I was amazed at the variation and differing approaches, to solving the same business issues. The one constant; that workers owning and controlling their own business is the key to sustainable business success.

I hope to arrange more training and opportunities for worker co-operatives to meet up and share experiences in the future.

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