16 March 2009

Calling on world leaders to put people first

One of our worker co-operative members New Internationilst is heaviliy involved in the campaign calling on the G20 leaders to rebuild the global economy.

We at Co-operatives UK are encouraging members to support this campain that calls on G20 leaders, when they meet in London on 2nd April, to put people first by providing decent jobs and public services for all, an end to global inequalities of wealth and power, and a green economy.

This is a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past and create a better global system that offers fairness, opportunity for all, which rewards self-help and recognises the importance of community.

Co-operation as a business model is recognised the world over as a sustainable and people-centred way of doing business that understands the importance of ‘fair globalisation’. It provides a means of helping developing countries maximise their potential and thus helping their people live better lives.

On March 28th there will be a march starting at Vistoria Embankment (11.00 am) and finishing with a rally in Hyde Park. For further details and how to get involved see www.putpeoplefirst.org.uk

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