11 March 2009

Employee Co-operative Council Elections

Interested in representing your worker co-operative and influencing Co-operatives UK? Why not nominate yourself for a seat on the Employee Co-operative Council (Representative body for worker co-operatives).

There are 3 places up for grabs this year and we are always interested in new people getting involved. Remember we are a member owned organisation like any other co-operative and we are what you make us.

Main benefits to you and your Co-op
  • Provides an insight into the work of Co-operatives UK and an opportunity to directly influence policy and strategic direction.
  • An excellent opportunity for your co-operative to raise its profile and network with other co-operatives; sectors and international co-operative movements.
  • For the individual, it is great opportunity to increase your knowledge and experience of worker co-operatives and the wider movement.
  • Out of pocket expenses and loss of earnings contributions paid by Co-operatives UK.
Election Timeline
  • Call for nominations week commencing Monday 9th March 2009
  • Closing date for receipt of nominations Monday 20 April 2009
  • Ballot Papers issued, Friday 24 April 2009
  • Closing date for receipt of Ballot Papers, Friday 9 June 2009
  • Election result declared, Monday 1st June 2009
Contact me for more information.

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