10 July 2009

Map of worker co-operatives

Ed Russell (Co-operative web), one of our new worker co-operative council reps, has kindly given up a bit of his time to map worker co-op members.

This is purely a test and is not 100% accurate, as only the postcode and town of a co-op has been entered, but I thought it might be interesting to share. If people think this is a good idea, or have other ways of mapping the same information using open source solutions, please send me a comment.


Ed Russell said...

Cheers John - though the embed code is a little wide for your blog, I've sent you an update.

I generated this using the Co-operative Web webSNAPS product in about 5 minutes, not sure about the map icon choice but I was trying things out!

For more information on webSNAPS and what it can do see: http://web.coop/about/websnaps

MJ Ray said...

The most common open source solution is from the voluntary OpenStreetMap project http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Openlayers_POI_layer_example

Ed Russell said...

Yep - I've been keeping an eye on Openstreetmap for ages, it's getting fairly complete but everytime we've tried to use it there is a crucial bit missing... It's great if you are in a city tho!

Been keeping an eye on http://ernestmarples.com/ for geocoding as well. If it doesn't get sued then it will be great!

Our platform can plug these different things in (with a bit of work) but as yet we haven't had a client who wanted something different....