03 February 2010

Co-operative Debate - Co-operatives 2010

The Co-operative Debate will be taking place at Co-operatives 2010 (Plymouth) and is an opportunity to share views and provoke action on subjects of relevance to the whole movement.

Last year's winning debate - a call for a co-ordinated co-operative response to climate change - led our support of the ACT! Campaign, and resulted in increased coverage of this important issue throughout the movement.

We are also launching Co-operative Fortnight, 19th June to 3rd of July which was one of the other entries.

These member suggested debates do make a real difference to our actions. If your co-operative is a members of Co-operativesUK why not suggest a topic for debate.


The deadline 12th February 2010

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What competition is there in Yorkshire to compete against the likes of Yorkshire Forward?

Thinking like Scottish Enterprise Cooperative.

Eddie Gouthwaite SY&C Coop Committee