17 February 2010

Co-operative Fortnight: There is an alternative

Co-operatives Fortnight will be an amazing opportunity for worker co-operatives to get involved in the wider movement and promote themselves as an ethical alternative (particularly relevant in the present economic situation). This is ripped straight from our press release but, its good stuff:

Co-operativesUK is calling for advocates of co-operation up and down the country to take part in Co-operatives Fortnight, from 19 June to 3 July, to help promote co-operatives as a better alternative.

Co-operatives Fortnight, a groundbreaking new initiative to help promote co-operatives as a better alternative will be a major campaign with the timely theme – There is an Alternative – and a new dedicated website – www.thereisanalternative.coop – full of resources and ideas.

To make the Fortnight a success, Co-operativesUK is urging co-operatives across the country to get involved in showcasing what makes them and co-operation different.

A range of tools are available on the website to help co-operatives promote themselves during the Fortnight. In the coming weeks, new content on the website will include resource packs, striking posters and simple guides, films and forums.

As Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operativesUK, puts it: “The Fortnight is going to be truly collaborative.

“We want all co-operatives whatever their size to do something during the Fortnight. Whether that is putting up posters, hosting a meal for members, organising an open day for the public or collaborating with other nearby co-operatives, it’s taking part that matters.”

By joining in and doing something during Co-operatives Fortnight, co-operatives will not only be able to promote co-operation as a better alternative, but will also be able to raise the profile of their own organisation.

Co-operativesUK is co-ordinating some of the major activities, which includes work to demonstrate the benefits of co-operation to business and society as well as Co-operatives 2010, the flagship conference for the co-operative sector, this year in Plymouth.

Co-operatives Fortnight will end with International Co-operatives Day, celebrating co-operation across the globe.

Co-operatives Fortnight is sponsored by a number of co-operatives, without which this groundbreaking initiative would not be possible: The Co-operative Group, Midcounties Co-operative, The Southern Co-operative, Anglia Co-operative, Chelmsford Star Co-operative, Lincolnshire Co-operative and Channel Islands Co-operative Society.

“Be part of Co-operatives Fortnight,” says Ed. “It’s going to be powerful. And the more people that take part, the bigger impact we’ll have.”

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Sarah said...

Also during Co-operatives Fortnight, ethical shopping consumer co-op Ethics Girls will be launching a major membership drive. Co-operative membership will cost just a fiver, and offers the opportunity not just to share profits, but to help decide what ethical suppliers Ethics Girls will support in the future.